Abdominal liposuction

If your stomach has moderately excess fat without excess skin and is supported by a non-distended midsection, you can consider liposuction.

This is achieved by outpatient surgery and most often under general anaesthesia.

After six months, the scars from liposuction of the abdomen are almost invisible.



They are hidden in the groin, in the pubic region and the navel. Oedema and bruising will disappear within four weeks at the most. You can resume your normal activities after two to five days, depending on the type of activity concerned.

But this period of rest is essential if your abdominal liposuction is to give good results.

As for the final outcome, this will be visible about three months after abdominal liposuction, once any residual oedema has be absorbed.

ing breastfeeding and/ or carrying a pregnancy to term.

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Every surgical procedure can involve a certain amount of risk and complications that the patient must accept; your plastic surgeon will make it his or her duty to reduce the rate of occurrence by choosing the technique best suited to your medical situation. Complications such as bleeding, wound or prosthesis infections and poor healing, although relatively rare, can occur with any type of surgery. This website has been written to complement the information received during consultations. This text is not exhaustive, and cannot replace a consultation with a specialist; it may answer some questions or raise others. Each patient will receive complete and detailed information in relation to his or her own medical status and the intervention of his or her choice. For more information, please consider a consultation or visit the official website of the Royal Belgian Society of Plastic Surgery: www.rbsps.org

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