20 March 2021

10 things to remember about breast implants

10 things to remember about breast implants

Breast implants or breast prostheses are used in cosmetic or reconstructive surgery to modify or improve the appearance of the breasts. It’s all about breast augmentation or reconstruction. Each implant is filled with silicone gel or hydrosaline solution while the shell is made of either silicone (smooth or textured) or polyurethane. Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck gives you 10 pieces of information on the subject.

The placement of breast implants, a surgical intervention above all

Given its invasive nature, the placement of breast implants must be done in a medical setting, closely supervised by a professional surgeon. Whether it is an aesthetic or reconstructive operation, the patient should receive as much detailed preparation as possible before going to the operating table. Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck answers all the questions of his patients so that the experience is a total success.

Why are breast implants so popular?

Many women around the world have chosen breast implants. As for the reasons which justify this choice, they are numerous:

  • Improvement of the body contour of women who find their breasts too small (hypoplastic breasts);
  • Correction when reduction of breast size occurs after pregnancy;
  • Increased fall of breast with aging;
  • Balance a difference in breast size;
  • As a method of reconstructive surgery after breast cancer;
  • Correction of a congenital malformation

10 things to know about breast implants

Here are 10 things to read and remember as part of your breast augmentation plan. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your doctor if you are still hesitant to take the plunge!

  • There are implant formats that can adapt to different body types. Count on Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck to suggest breast implants adapted to your figure.
  • In general, a patient can return to work 7-10 days after her cosmetic surgery. This rest time is longer if she is doing a manual trade.
  • The return to sport can be done after several weeks, mainly for practices having physical impacts (running, martial arts, etc.).
  • The results of breast augmentation are visible very quickly but are generally stable after two or three months.
  • Each woman will have a different result, even with implants of the same size and shape.
  • Breasts reshaped with breast implants change very few in appearance over time.
  • Women who have had breast augmentation are not more likely to have problems breastfeeding.
  • It is quite possible to have your breast implants replaced but they DON’T NEED a systematic replacement after 10 years.
  • A woman who has breast implants should have regular examinations and consultations, as other women for breast cancer detection.
  • To the touch, silicone deliver almost natural sensation.