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Facial lipofilling (fat transfer)
December 05, 2018
  INTRODUCTION :   It has long been recognized that as we age, our skin loses its elasticity, loosens and is very often in excess. It is according to this principle that face lifts have been proposed for several decades. For a long time, facelifts have been the subject of various and varied technical proposals: several renowned surgeons have studied the issue in order to [...]
Let's talk about gynecomastia (male breasts)
December 05, 2018
INTRODUCTION: Gynecomastia is an anomaly encountered in men which consists in having a more or less developed breast. This anomaly, which seems to occur more and more often, is very often a source of great complexity and malaise. Unfortunately, the disease responds poorly to medical treatment when it is installed and surgery is often the only option to consider. The best solution remains prevention [...]
The Risks of Implant-Associated Large Cell Anaplastic Lymphoma
November 29, 2018
COMMUNIQUE FROM THE RBSPS (Belgian Royal Society of Plastic Surgery) :Anaplastic Large Cell Anaplastic Lymphoma Associated with Breast Implants (BIA-ALCL) is an extremely rare lymphoma that can occur around breast implants - and if detected early, it is curable in most patients.BIA-ALCL is not a breast tissue cancer per se. All government authorities and oncology societies classify BIA-ALCL as a [...]
About stem cells in cosmetology...
September 07, 2018
There is currently a range of professional care based on many scientific arguments.The underlying technology is derived from a patented source of stem cells, from which powerful proteins with rejuvenating powers are grown.This potent blend of proteins, growth factors and cytokines is the active ingredient in this professional skin care line.The use of umbilical cord stem cells - or stem [...]
About breast reduction......
February 21, 2018
Breast reduction, commonly practiced, reduces breast volume. This procedure ensures a very nice shape while leaving a minimum of scars. But beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, breast reduction puts an end to the physical and functional pain of an overweight breast and its psychological consequences. Several techniques can reduce breast volume, but all remove excess skin, fat and glandular tissue [...]
Vertical Mini Lifting
February 21, 2018
  The lower face, and in particular the oval, is, with the eyes, the first area affected by the ageing. The chin breaks and the jowls and bitterness folds appear...the neck skin will eventually relax. To overcome these disadvantages of the passing of time, a simple solution exists, however. The vertical mini facelift is a simple, fast and effective procedure with many advantages:It is minimally [...]
October 23, 2017
Go and see last CNN TV Show about Mauritian Medical Tourism  [...]
Breast lifting and prosthesis replacement: about a difficult case
October 14, 2017
Breast lifting can most often be performed without an implant. Sometimes, when, for example, the breast is empty of its volume and/or the patient wants more, the implantation of prostheses makes it possible to increase it: the prostheses are then positioned by the incision which will allow the breast to be raised. This technique usually keeps a nice, well curved [...]
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