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Achieving a nice silhouette
January 04, 2016
The stomach and waist can, for various reasons: pregnancy, weight gain or loss, spontaneous relaxation, presence of scars or stretch marks too visible, lose their natural harmony. Fortunately, thanks to cosmetic surgery, it is possible to regain a pretty flat stomach and a slim waist by acting on three levels: skin, fat and muscles.   Remove excess fat: liposuction (or liposuction) Contrary to popular [...]
Blepharoplasty: Cosmetic eyelid surgery
December 14, 2015
Over the years, the eyelids, like the rest of the face and body, undergo unwanted changes, giving the look a tired, sad appearance. Many factors, such as heredity or sun damage, can accelerate these changes. Tired eyes or puffy eyes can also result from the presence of pockets of fatty origin in the inner part of the upper eyelids or on [...]
The sun, a friend or an enemy?
December 07, 2015
The sun is both our best friend and our worst enemy. Without it, no life is possible. However, it can be dangerous! Indeed, it is responsible for skin lesions, accelerated aging and skin cancers. It is therefore necessary to be very careful when dealing with its rays. If you live in a sunny area or plan to go on holiday in [...]
Face lifting
November 26, 2015
Like the rest of the body, the oval of the face gradually subsides over time. Fortunately, nowadays, Aesthetic Surgery and Anti-Ageing Medicine offer many solutions to restore the shape of our initial face. Your Aesthetic Surgeon will offer you a facial lift, the ultimate facial rejuvenation procedure!   Presentation There are several types of facelifts to improve the discomfort caused by aging of [...]
Perfect lips: the answers from aesthetic medicine
November 20, 2015
The lips are a fundamental element of the face, they play a very special role in interpersonal relationships. The lips are at the same time an organ of seduction and expression of feelings and emotions (joy, sadness, anger), without forgetting the role of the lips in communication. They are a strong symbol of representing our social, emotional and even sexual [...]
Causes of ageing skin
November 06, 2015
It is never too early to preserve its "youth" capital. Cell aging begins on the day we are born. The anti-aging fight must begin as soon as possible, well before the first wrinkles appear. The causes of skin aging are many and we are not all equal in front of it. There are two types of causes of skin ageing. The first are [...]
Eye treatment for soft expression
November 02, 2015
To treat the eye, surgery and aesthetic medicine are not opposed but are considered as different possibilities for a tailor-made solution. What are the different possibilities offered by these 2 medical practices to open and soften our eyes, while keeping a natural face?   Hyaluronic acid injections Hyaluronic acid injection is particularly used for people with a hollowed upper eyelid that shows the [...]
Imperceptible aesthetic medicine is possible...
October 23, 2015
 In Brazil, the United States and Asia, women do not wait 25 years to use injections. Without going to that extreme, cosmetic doctors advocate prevention: treating a wrinkle before it is installed helps to preserve the natural appearance of the face. By identifying weak spots on the face, micro-doses can be injected into these areas to prevent their aggravation, without [...]
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