16 October 2015

Breast augmentation by implant placement

Breast augmentation by implant placement

Sometimes it only takes one element of change for a woman to regain self-confidence. Among the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation by implant placement is the most commonly performed in the world. Indeed, plastic surgery to increase breast volume now concerns millions of women worldwide. What should you know about breast augmentation by inserting prostheses?


What is breast augmentation by implant placement?

Breast augmentation by implant placement is a surgical procedure that consists of placing prostheses to increase the volume of the breast, or to correct a slight breast ptosis (sagging of the breasts due to a decrease in the amount of gland and a distension of the skin surrounding them). If relaxation is important, the surgeon will advise to do a breast plastic surgery at the same time: a technique consisting in raising the breast.


For whom is breast augmentation recommended?

Breast augmentation by implant placement is for different patients:
- Those with breast defects: aplasia and severe hypoplasia, tuberous breasts, Poland syndrome
- Patients with small breasts, either constitutionally or as a result of pregnancy or breastfeeding
- Or simply those who want to " gain " a bra cup size


The first steps

The first step is to find the plastic surgeon with whom you can talk and who will understand your needs. This surgeon must have the necessary qualifications for such an operation. Your plastic surgeon will ask you about your medical and surgical history in order to rule out any contraindications such as bleeding disorders, heart problems....

He will then examine your silhouette, your bust, your waist, the shape and positioning of your breasts, the position of the areolas and the shape of the thorax. Your surgeon will then ask you which breast type you would like and which size: an essential point to define in order to be satisfied with the result. During this appointment, he will explain everything about this intervention and answer all your questions. This meeting will be an opportunity to clarify all the questions concerning the before, during and after the intervention.


How does the procedure work?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It lasts about 1 hour and the hospitalization is 24 hours. Generally, an admission to the clinic is in the morning and exit the next day.

There are two types of prostheses: round prostheses and anatomical prostheses. The latter allow a very natural result because they project the shape of a breast, with the appearance of being filled at the lower pole and slightly curved at the top (pear shape). Breast implants, which are mainly used nowadays, are filled with a silicone gel. They are developed, preformed and sterilized in the laboratory and are remarkably flexible because they are the most cohesive, and thus constitute the most suitable response to breast augmentation.

Your plastic surgeon will choose the route based on his or her experience and different morphological criteria. The pathway can be either periareolar (around the areola), axillary (incision in the armpit) or submammary (in the groove under the breast). The submammary route is the safest because it allows, if we go into technical details, to directly approach the natural anatomical dissection plane. In addition, the scars will be located in the submammary fold and will be invisible.

The prosthesis can be placed in several ways:
- Either in front of the pectoral muscle, behind the mammary gland
- Either behind the pectoral muscle (retro pectoral).
- Either in "dual plane": i.e. by positioning the breast implant in two distinct planes: The upper part of the prosthesis is positioned behind the pectoral muscle and the lower part of the prosthesis is positioned behind the mammary gland.


This technical decision is made by your plastic surgeon based on criteria such as thinness, skin quality, presence of breast ptosis or not. Each solution has advantages and disadvantages that should be discussed with your plastic surgeon.


Post-operatory effects 

In the majority of cases, a small painful sensation exists for a few days, but always controlled by analgesics, which your plastic surgeon will prescribe. The chest remains swollen for 15 to 20 days and remains tender for a few weeks. There may be some bruising, especially in the area of scars, which fade within a month. In most cases, the threads are absorbable.

At the end of the operation, your plastic surgeon will ask you to wear a sports bra for 2 months and will also advise you to massage the scars with a cream specially formulated for healing.


Entrust this responsibility to an expert

By entrusting your breast augmentation to a breast surgery expert, you are certain that your silicone gel breast implants are safe, allowing you to confidently approach your cosmetic breast surgery. Your plastic surgeon's only objective is to restore you to a harmonious, feminine figure and natural beauty.