22 May 2021

Cosmetic surgery: how to erase a scar with cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery: how to erase a scar with cosmetic surgery?

When a scar takes over the body's natural harmony, cosmetic surgery can help erase that unwanted mark. If you have chosen the laser technique, Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck explains everything you need to know about this type of plastic intervention.

What is a Scar ?

When the skin is subjected to an injury (injury, surgery, disease, acne, etc.), it repairs itself naturally. However, in many cases this repair leaves an often visible mark, commonly known as a scar.

What are the different types of scars?

There are 3 main categories of scars:

  • Hypertrophic or keloid scars, which result from inflammation of the skin tissue. Often painful, they are red and present in relief. Once the wound has dried, these scars tend to change in appearance.
  • Ulcerated scars are probably the ones that cause concern. Fragile, they can reopen, widen and become subject to inflammation.
  • The retractable scars give the impression that the skin is pulling all around. They form a kind of bump above the rest of the surrounding skin and look like stiff fibrous cords. This rigidity can also interfere with certain movements.

The result is usually puffy, red, white, pinkish, hollow, etc.

Can a scar be permanently removed?

Until very recently, scars were considered irreversible. Indeed, these fibrous tissue formations could be smoothed without being reduced in size.

Added to this was the inability to eliminate them by replacing the fibrous part with healthy tissue.

How do the most popular laser scar treatments work?

The vast majority of aesthetic practices practice two techniques:

  • The fractional laser which stimulates cell regeneration. Thus, the skin will rebuild itself while erasing the scar.
  • The abrasive laser used which acts in depth on the layers of the epidermis. The reshaped skin becomes smooth again.

Today, dedicated scar reduction technologies go further for results never before achieved. In order to offer the best treatments to his patients, Dr Didier Van Den Broeck relies on the latest generation of patented lasers.

Focus on this new scar reduction technique

Thus, it will soon be possible to contact your cosmetic doctor to reduce hypertrophic and retractile scars as follows:

  1. Correction of scars by laser ablation;
  2. Destruction of fibrous tissue and stimulation of the growth of new functional tissue

As for keloid scars:

  1. Ultra-selective coagulation of blood vessels by laser, thus gradually reducing the volume of keloid tissue and transforming the scar into hypertrophic.
  2. Removal of the hypertrophic scar;
  3. Stimulation of tissue repair until a satisfactory result is obtained

How to benefit from laser scar treatment in Mauritius?

It all starts with a first consultation at your cosmetic surgeon's office in Mauritius. Dr Didier Van Den Broeck will examine your skin to determine the type, depth and width of the scar to be treated. Thus, he will determine the most appropriate laser technique and the number of sessions necessary for an aesthetic result that meets your expectations.

Whatever technique your cosmetic surgery specialist uses, scar reduction contributes to physical harmony and general well-being.