22 June 2020

About cosmetology

About cosmetology

Winter is coming to an end and with it the great cold. It has long been proven that our skin is subject to all sorts of external aggressions and that these aggravate the aging of our skin envelope. Tobacco, the sun, pollution, diet and hereditary factors play an essential role in the radiance, tone and texture of our skin... in a word, in its beauty.
Many of you ask us the question in consultation: "Doctor, are cosmetic products effective? ». We will try to find out.

The primary goal of cosmetology is to cleanse, exfoliate, stimulate or protect the different layers of the skin. Doctors trained in aesthetics unanimously agree that a daily use of cosmetic care is essential and this from a very young age, even if it is not enough on its own (remember to cleanse your skin and especially to remove make-up).

What are the objectives of cosmetics?

- Hydration is fundamental; it is the starting point of any active principle in cosmetology. (NMF, allantoin, lipoamino acids).
- They must respect the cutaneous barrier and consolidate the intercellular cement of the stratum corneum (cholesterol, triglycerides, essential fatty acids, ceramides).
- The anti-free radical action of a treatment is also very important in the fight against oxidative stress.

A few tips :

- Use micellar water: this is a two-in-one treatment that removes impurities, traces of pollution and make-up from the skin in a single step.
- Cosmetic treatments sold in pharmacies are generally very good and less expensive.
- Favour treatments adapted to your age, the quality and type of your skin, your lifestyle, etc...
- Prefer products based on fractionated hyaluronic acid.
- Avoid added fragrances (risk of intolerance and allergy).
- Think about food supplements (vitamin C, omega 3, ginkgo biloba, selenium, magnesium, etc.).
- Favour packaging in the form of pumps (less preservatives, oxidation and bacterial proliferation).

And don't forget :

- Avoid sun exposure, alcohol and tobacco.
- Moisturize your skin.
- Eat a healthy and varied diet.