23 August 2020

Dr Didier Van Den Broeck: minor facial surgery in Mauritius

Dr Didier Van Den Broeck: minor facial surgery in Mauritius

Some people talk about surgery and others prefer to call it cosmetic medicine. This set of techniques intended to rejuvenate the appearance of the face is sufficiently extensive to offer an intervention adapted to each person who wishes it. Dr Didier Van Den Broeck, your cosmetic surgeon in Mauritius, offers you different treatments to regain all your youth, without heavy postoperative consequences.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery: what is it?

Dr. Van Den Broeck offers you to erase all the small imperfections that may set in over time, altering the youthfulness of your face. Depending on the case, he will offer you:

  • Botox® treatments to smooth forehead wrinkles, crow's feet (around the eyes), frown lines (wrinkles between the eyebrows), fine lines on the upper lip, folds at the corners of the lips.
  • Hyaluronic acid filler injections, in order to lift from the inside the nasolabial folds, bitterness folds, lips, jowls, cheekbones, lacrimal-nasal folds, perioral fine lines and the labial folds. .
  • Lip augmentation, to hem or fill an upper lip that is too thin or insufficiently hemmed by injecting absorbable biological implants (hyaluronic acid) or by transplanting tissue from elsewhere in your body.
  • Blepharoplasty, to rejuvenate the look by filling in the hollow located just under the eyelid. Dr Van Den Broeck will perform the excision of the skin and lift the fat.
  • Liposuction (or liposuction) of the neck to, for example, erase a double chin by aspiration of the excess fat located under the chin and in the lateral parts of the neck.
  • A facelift, undoubtedly the most famous and highly prized rejuvenation procedure. It consists in raising or repositioning the skin and the subcutaneous tissues upwards.

What protocol does Dr Van Den Broeck follow for minor cosmetic surgery on the face?

Any act of surgery, including cosmetic surgery, must be the subject of at least two consultations:

The first consultation will allow your cosmetic surgeon in Mauritius to identify your desires and offer you the most appropriate intervention for your face. In a setting where listening is essential, Dr. Van Den Broeck will conduct a specific interview and then an examination. He will give you an explanation of the techniques used, the procedure for the intervention and the consequences.

The second consultation, known as preoperative, will allow Dr Van Den Broeck to:

  • Answer all your questions,
  • Make sure that you are taking a well thought-out approach,
  • Ensure that you are in optimal health to support your cosmetic surgery procedure in Mauritius.

He will take photographs of your face in order to prepare the procedure that suits your needs.

For cosmetic facial surgery, your surgeon, Dr Van Den Broeck, welcomes you in Mauritius. Find your youth back - thanks to rapid interventions, meeting European standards in terms of quality.