27 October 2020

Focus on breast reduction

Focus on breast reduction

The full breasts are perhaps the subject of many fantasies, however, in many cases they are the source of back pain, but also other aesthetic, physical and psychological discomforts in women who are prone to them. Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery technique that reduces precisely this part of the female anatomy. Thanks to the expertise of Didier Van Den Broeck, your cosmetic surgeon in Mauritius, find a harmonious silhouette and above all your living comfort.

What is the reason for the excessive volume of the breasts?

First thing to note, the excessive volume of the breasts is also called breast enlargement. This increase can occur as a result of significant weight gain, naturally or during/after pregnancy. Moreover, in the latter case, if you wish to breastfeed, breast reduction does not represent any medical contraindication.

In some cases, too much weight causes the breasts to sag. This is called breast ptosis.

Breast reduction: what is it?

Dr Didier Van Den Broeck explains that breast reduction consists, as the name suggests, of reducing the size of the breasts. For this, the cosmetic surgeon will remove the mammary gland, made up of connective tissue and fatty tissue.

During the same surgery, he will pull the whole thing up and straighten the skin so that the breasts regain their curve.

Good to know

Breast reduction can be used at the end of puberty, more specifically from the age of 17, when breast development is stabilized.

How to determine the amount of reduction?

Dr Didier Van Den Broeck explains that the determination of final breast size, obtained after the operation, is discussed with the patient. The goal being to obtain a harmonious and above all satisfactory result for the patient, it will be necessary to determine the ideal cup size: from B for "small breasts" to D, for a little more generous volume.

Does breast reduction leave scars?

According to an original technique that he owes to his first Master of training, Professor Madeleine Lejour, the breast reduction proposed leaves only two scars around the areola and vertically below it, and this contrary to the other techniques (inverted T or lower pedicle) proposed by the vast majority of the profession.

In any case, over time, these traces of cosmetic surgery tend to become more refined and whiten.How long to see the results?

Like any cosmetic surgery procedure, breast reduction requires a little patience to see the final results. It will be necessary to wait at least 6 weeks after the plastic operation to have a fairly precise idea of the final volume of your breast.

Should there be a period of convalescence?

For patients who have to return to work, it takes between 4 and 8 days of convalescence. As for the resumption of sport, it will be necessary to wait two months after the operation.