15 September 2020

How to prepare yourself before cosmetic surgery?

How to prepare yourself before cosmetic surgery?

To improve your appearance, to permanently resolve an inner conflict, to achieve the well-being to which you are naturally entitled, you have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery. First essential thing to know: Dr Van Den Broeck has built his reputation in Mauritius thanks to his know-how and his great respect for the rules established for successful interventions on all fronts. Did you know that you also have a big part to play in this beauty-centric experience? Here are our tips for getting ready for the big jump.

4 weeks before plastic surgery

Dr Van Den Broeck will invite you to undergo a physical examination: take advantage of this one-on-one to ask all the questions that seem important to you, but also secondary (treatment of any scars, skin preparation, post-compression garments. surgical, etc.).

If you are undergoing medical treatment, it is important to tell your cosmetic surgeon.

3 weeks before the operation

If you are a smoker and drink alcohol, now is the time to put those habits aside.

Take care of your diet by focusing on fruits, vegetables and proteins. Avoid as much as possible foods that naturally contain salicylates (cucumber, tomatoes, mint, apples, etc.) as well as industrial preparations that contain them (soft drinks, mayonnaise, etc.).

In case of an intervention requiring a period of rest, prepare the room in which you will spend the most time: books, magazines, films, etc.

2 weeks before the intervention of Dr Van Den Broeck

Take stock of your medical treatment and natural supplements, if you take any. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr Van Den Broeck to validate with you which ones you can continue to follow and which ones may cause side effects after the procedure.

Either way, it is strongly recommended that you stop taking any medicine that contains aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis, and blood thinners.

If you plan to take pain relievers after your cosmetic surgery procedure, ask your surgeon for advice, knowing that some can cause constipation.

1 before your plastic surgery

  • Reduce your sodium intake and increase the amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts and high protein meals.
  • Maintain good daily hydration
  • Buy prescribed treatments so you don't have to do it after the procedure
  • Make sure you have adequate transportation once you have received your discharge
  • Plan a sitting option for your pets if you have one and another for your children, if they are not yet independent.

1 day before the operation

  • Rest as much as possible,
  • Do not eat or drink after midnight,
  • Confirm the availability of your means of transport.

Be fully ready for your cosmetic surgery!

Facial surgery, breasts surgery, abdomen, intimate surgery,: whatever the type of intervention, Dr. Van Den Broeck will also accompany you for a quick and comfortable recovery!