06 April 2019

Latest news about textured breast implants - 05/04/19

Latest news about textured breast implants - 05/04/19

Following the decision of the National Agency for Security of Medicines to ban the use of textured breast implants in France, here is the reaction of some learned societies. This collection of reactions is not exhaustive and there will be many more...

It would seem that the French health authorities acted indiscriminately worthy of an official body in a context of panic and protection in the face of several old scandals such as contaminated blood, pick and PIP prostheses...

This scandal was raised by journalists without discernment or scientific training but eager for recognition thanks to the media effect that this type of scandalous revelation can have: this type of sensational press has always praised and then destroyed our profession. The sensational effect causes an increase in press sales....the effect is guaranteed!


Below is a list of links that will provide you with information to take the necessary perspective on this crisis and get a clear picture of the problem. This list, from learned societies, will only grow in the near future. Your surgeon is the only person to contact to help you assess your personal situation. Some articles are in French language: we recommend that you use an online translator such as https://www.deepl.com/translator