21 September 2020

Liposuction: everything you need to know before a cosmetic surgery!

Liposuction: everything you need to know before a cosmetic surgery!

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery designed to remove the stubborn fat that you cannot seem to get rid of via exercise or diet. During the procedure, fat is suctioned from specific areas of your body to reshape and redefine body contours. In Mauritius, this surgery can be performed by Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck who is a specialist in the domain of cosmetic surgery. He can target several parts of your body via this operation, such as hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, back, arms, neck and even under the chin. Moreover, liposuction can be done alongside other plastic surgeries, like facelifts, breast reductions and tummy tucks, for an optimal result. However, you should not mistake liposuction as a weight loss surgery, even if it will help you lose some kgs and reshape your body.

 Are you an ideal candidate for liposuction?

The ideal candidate for this cosmetic surgery, that is, those who will benefit the most from liposuction, are within 30% of their ideal weight. This means that they are near their desired weight but the still have some disproportionate deposits of fats at specific locations of their body that they cannot get rid of.

To obtain the best results, having firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone is important. Liposuction is not really recommended for those having loose hanging skin.

Additionally, the ideal candidate should be a non-smoker, healthy and have a positive outlook and realistic expectations. In any case, Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck will advise on how to proceed before the cosmetic surgery.

The first step before the cosmetic surgery

Before going for a liposuction, it is important to have a consultation with your surgeon. In Mauritius, for Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck, listening to the patient is essential before a surgery for both parties. You will be able to talk about your goals and expectations and ask questions about the costs, benefits and risks involved. Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck will provide you with all the explanations you need and will advise you regarding the choices that you will make.

If you decide to go ahead with the surgery, Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck is going to conduct a full examination to confirm that you are in good health. He may also require you to stop or start taking some medication.

After the liposuction: recovery, results…

After the cosmetic surgery, you will be allowed to go home after a few hours, unless your surgeon determines that you must stay overnight. You might feel some slight pain or discomfort after the anaesthesia wears off and you will notice some swelling or bruising in the area that has been operated upon. These will fade after a couple of weeks. It is important to take care of yourself during the healing period. Limit your physical activities and excessive force, abrasion or motion. Because of the swelling and bruising, you will not see the results of the liposuction right away. The usual waiting period to fully judge is at least one to three months after the surgery.