26 September 2013

Natural beauty is exported to the Indian Ocean

Natural beauty is exported to the Indian Ocean

Looking for the best practitioners to provide a full range of services to international standards, the Apollo Bramwell Hospital, south of the capital of Mauritius, calls upon Dr Didier Van Den Broeck to develop its cosmetic surgery department. A major challenge since Dr Didier Van Den Broeck has six months to put this service on the road to excellence.
 To make the cosmetic surgery department of the Apollo Bramwell Hospital a reference in the Indian Ocean and beyond.

This is the wish of the Deputy Chairman of the Mauritian hospital centre. And the man, David Gray, is putting the means to make it happen. The hospital has not only the best technological equipment, but also a range of talents gleaned from the four corners of the world. For its cosmetic surgery department, the Mauritius Hospital turned to Didier Van Den Broeck. Designated Senior Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, he will have six months to set up a reference aesthetic surgery department. His experience in cosmetic surgery and filling injection treatments was decisive. But it is of course his very specific expertise in reconstructive surgery and breast surgery that made the difference. The hospital aims to rapidly position itself as a world centre for aesthetics, capable of attracting patients from the four corners of the world thanks to the quality of its care and the good positioning of its prices.

Seamless professionalism across borders

If the challenge is prestigious, it does not distract Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck from the concern he has for each of his patients. Thus, the secretariat will remain open throughout the duration of the Mauritian mission and a set of tools will be put in place. Thus, Dr Didier Van Den Broeck will be available by Skype or e-mail to answer all your questions. Moreover, he will designate a surgeon of reference and confidence for a closer follow-up or to take charge of your urgent interventions.

But nothing prevents you from dreaming of one day being able to travel to Mauritius for excellent care in an idyllic setting. But in the meantime, Dr Van Den Broeck still has a whole department to set up...




Chantal Ernst, Stylo Habile