PRP injection, a cosmetic medicine technique for a younger face!

21 April 2021

Rejuvenation techniques never stop innovating. This is evidenced by an astonishing medical cosmetic procedure, but the effectiveness of which is becoming increasingly popular: the PRP injection (Plasma rich in platelets). How does this method work? Dr Didier Van Den Broeck, cosmetic surgeon in Mauritius, tells you more.

How does an aesthetic treatment by PRP work?

The PRP injection requires above all a blood test, done either by your surgeon or his assistant. The goal of this step is to obtain two 10 ml tubes of blood.

The next step is to run the tubes of blood through a centrifuge, which will spin. After 5-6 minutes, the blood is separated into two solutions: plasma and blood cells.

The plasma is collected in a syringe and then reinjected into the areas requiring anti-aging treatment. It can be on the cheeks, temples, under dark circles, the oval of the face, neck and / or décolleté.

In the case of very deep wrinkles, the cosmetic surgeon can use a derivative of the technique, PRF (for Platelets Rich Fibrine), the latter then becoming thicker, and therefore able to better fill the areas that require it.

When to choose PRP injection?

Skin rejuvenation: PRP injection restores youthfulness to the skin, which regains tone and elasticity. The complexion becomes brighter and the skin firmer. Areas that can be treated: face, décolleté, neck, inside of arms and legs, stomach, hands.

Hair growth: PRP stimulates the stem cells of the hair bulb.

Presence of stretch marks: PRP helps reduce red stretch marks.

How long does it take to see results from an anti-aging PRP injection?

It takes about three to six weeks after the PRP injection to start seeing anti-aging results.

Anti-aging cosmetic surgery: who are the PRP injections for?

The cosmetic surgeon performs "platelet rich plasma" (PRP) injections in people who want a non-invasive procedure to regenerate the skin and improve its texture. Seek advice from Dr Didier Van Den Broeck if you are looking for an anti-aging cosmetic surgery solution capable of:

  • Improve the texture, density and luminosity of the skin (reduction of dark spots linked to UV rays, redness);
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars or post-traumatic scars;
  • To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles;
  • Increase the synthesis or regeneration of skin elastin and collagen.


PRP injection may seem like an amazing technique, but its effectiveness is acclaimed by America's biggest stars. It can be coupled with laser or LED treatments. If you are looking for an anti-aging cosmetic surgery technique in Mauritius, seek advice from your usual doctor or  Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck, who will explain clearly and fully how Platelet Rich Plasma works.

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