18 January 2016

Silhouette treatment: surgery or non-invasive technique?

Silhouette treatment: surgery or non-invasive technique?

Does the idea of wearing a bathing suit on the beach depress you? Some people think that cosmetic surgery could give you back both the shape of your dreams and a high morale. At least that is what the Swiss online magazine L'Hebdo revealed on March 11, 2013. It states that the psychologist from the University of Rurh in Bochum (Germany), Jürgen Margraf, wanted to know if one feels psychologically better after cosmetic surgery. Result? In addition to a much better perception of their beauty, women who have undergone surgery have a higher morale and self-esteem. A more attractive body and a high morale. Should we rush into it? I'm not sure. In any case, non-invasive techniques are on the rise. Alternatives to liposuction, lipocavitation and cryolipolysis use high-tech devices and deserve a spotlight.


Destroying fat cells, the dream!

Lipocavitation breaks the membrane of fat cells with ultrasound vibrating at a specific frequency to achieve, precisely, fat destruction. And this is very important, because once emulsified, fat residues are eliminated by the lymphatic system. Hence the obligation to follow each lipocavitation session with a lymphatic massage. And this within 24 hours. With an average of 8 lipocavitation sessions, one session per week, followed by a lymphatic massage to obtain all the effects of the treatment, we can say that this treatment is intended for the most patients and the most available.
However, it is also necessary, and above all, to guard against two traps potentially linked to this technique. The first trap is to face a "restricted" device to be soft and therefore totally ineffective. The other trap is to let cells that should not be destroyed. So always check the seriousness of the practitioner before you start.


The cold to break down the localized grease?

Well known for treating pain, cryotherapy can also fight against dimples. And so let us be clear: once again, we are talking about localized areas and not obesity or generalized excess fat. So, how's it going? Cryolipolysis will also destroy adipocytes (fat cells) by exposing them to the cold for about 1 hour. It is therefore necessary to bear to stay this time at 3 to 5 °C. Then you need a little patience. Because the session will trigger an inflammation process before starting the phagocytic process. It is therefore at the end of 45 to 60 days that the result will be visible with, generally, a loss of 1 cm per session.


Liposculpture and liposuction

Again, it takes about two months to discover the result. But, unlike the other two methods, this is surgery, even if the scars are almost invisible. As this is a surgical procedure, fat loss can be better defined in advance, without having unlimited flexibility: certain criteria must be met to avoid unpleasant surprises. Thus, liposculpture or liposuction is suitable for those who have a localized excess fat without sagging skin. Then, here too, you need patience and availability since you will have to wear a compression garment and avoid exposure to the sun as long as you have bruises. On the other hand, to put an end to a preconceived idea, it is wrong to think that surgery cannot be considered in the summer. Indeed, in our temperate regions, there is no season more favourable than the other for liposuction.

You are now better informed to choose your own method. But whatever your choice, always be vigilant about the practitioner's choice. Be well informed first! It is the guarantee to regain morale...