04 March 2013

Ulthera: a face remodeling finally effective?

Ulthera: a face remodeling finally effective?

Many patients are looking for a lifting effect of the facial skin by re-tensioning it thanks to a non-invasive technique; the ULTHERA seems promising...

Non-invasive treatments have become essential in cosmetic surgery.

Many of you are looking for a solution for facial reshaping that cannot be treated with the usual fillers (hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin).

In addition to this problem of facial architecture (oval, naso-labial fold, jowls, ptosis of the eyebrow, etc.), there is also the problem of the overall appearance of the skin (fine lines, texture, etc.).

The new technology administered by the ULTHERA system provides solutions to all these problems, and more, while ensuring reduced side effects and therefore less social eviction, in a non-invasive way.

The ULTHERA system is based on the administration of high-energy ultrasound through the skin to cause the skin and subcutaneous tissues to re-tension. It thus provokes the formation and reorganization of collagen fibers: ULTHERA achieves a lifting effect on the treated areas.

Here are some examples of problems that can be treated with the ULTHERA system:

- Ptosis of the tail of the eyebrow
- Definition of the jaw angle
- Reduction of jowls
- Improvement of the nasolabial fold
- Restoring neck tension

To a lesser extent, the system is also very promising for treatment:

- Fine lines on the lower eyelids, crow's feet, around the mouth and cheeks...
- Neck wrinkles
- Fine lines on the décolletage

The advantages of this type of non-invasive treatment are numerous:

- Few side effects, no social and professional eviction...
- No hospitalization or general anesthesia
- Reduced costs
- Very good ratio of personnel investment to results