03 August 2021

When cosmetic surgery helps breast asymmetry

When cosmetic surgery helps breast asymmetry

A woman's breasts are not always the same size, shape or position: this is a natural phenomenon. However, when the difference is too visible, debilitating, unsightly or difficult to accept psychologically, breast asymmetry can be corrected. Your cosmetic surgeon in Mauritius and leading breast specialist, Dr Didier Van Den Broeck offers you to learn more about the subject and how he can help you regain a balanced breast.

When can we talk about breast asymmetry?

We talk about breast asymmetry in the following cases:

- When one breast is normal size and the other is much smaller or atrophied;

- When one breast is small and the other is very large;

- When the breasts are of normal size but there is a big difference in the degree of ptosis.What is breast asymmetry due to?

We identify four main causes of breast asymmetry:

  • Congenital malformation;
  • Pregnancy followed by breastfeeding, menopause;
  • The appearance, for example, of a cyst or a tumor;
  • Surgical or radiotherapy treatment.

In the first case, breast asymmetry is a malformation that has been present since birth and becomes visible during adolescence, when the breast is forming.

In the second case, it results from the loss of mass that occurs after pregnancy or breastfeeding. In some cases, the breasts may not return to their usual appearance, so your cosmetic surgeon in Mauritius can restore them to their pre-baby splendor.

The third possibility, that of sudden asymmetry, may be the result of a cyst forming. In such a case, Dr Didier Van Den Broeck invites you to consult him quickly.

Finally, in the case of trauma or cancer, breast asymmetry can be corrected with cosmetic surgery.

What are the techniques for correcting breast asymmetry?

By choosing cosmetic breast surgery in Mauritius, Dr Didier Van Den Broeck welcomes you to his office to determine, with you, the best solution. Indeed, the correction of breast asymmetry can be done in several ways:

  • breast reduction;
  • The increase in the size of the breasts by cosmetic surgery;
  • Lipomodelling or lipostucture

How is cosmetic surgery for breast asymmetry performed?

Depending on the specificities and needs of each patient, Dr Didier Van Den Broeck decides on the most appropriate protocol and technique.

To draw the best conclusions, he welcomes each patient to his cosmetic surgery practice in Mauritius, in order to do a complete preoperative assessment, supported eventually by a mammogram and the results of a blood test. This step is followed by the meeting with the anesthesiologist.

Entrust your cosmetic surgery in Mauritius to Dr Didier Van Den Broeck, a recognized specialist in this practice in the region!