Breast augmentation

Plasty for the purpose of increasing breast size now affects millions of women. By entrusting your breast augmentation to an expert in breast surgery, you can be sure that your silicone gel breast implants are safe. And you can approach your aesthetic breast surgery with confidence.

This is because the sole goal of your plastic surgeon is to create a female figure that is smooth, feminine and naturally beautiful.

Breast augmentation involves the insertion of breast implants under the pectoralis major muscle. This can be achieved using three different surgical approaches, all of which leave very unobtrusive scars:

  • infra-mammary (below the breast)
  • axillary (in the armpit)
  • periareolar (at nipple level).


The insertion route for implants chosen by your surgeon always favours the correct placement of the breast implant, respects the integrity of the mammary gland and ensures that scars are discrete. Your surgeon prefers to make an incision under the breast. But the solution for inserting your breast implant will be subject to discussion and reflection conducted jointly by you and your plastic surgeon. You can rely on his in-depth knowledge of the different types of breast implants and the various operating techniques, which enable the achievement of a natural result and the avoidance, as much as possible, of complications.

Your surgeon recommends anatomic implants, because of their very natural form and their wide range of sizes and volumes.

Progress of your breast augmentation

Your plastic surgery will be carried out in hospital, as outpatient surgery and most often, under general anaesthesia. You will need to plan a rest period of one week and a period of abstinence from sporting activity of four to six weeks after your breast augmentation procedure. You will also need to wait about three months to see the final result and the new line and volume of your breasts.

Breast Augmentation and breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not affected by breast augmentation, because the integrity of the mammary gland is not affected in any way.

Breast Implants and mammograms

All cancer prevention checks can be carried out normally after your breast augmentation.

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Although every surgical procedure may involve some risks and complications that the patient has no option but to accept, your aesthetic surgeon will make a point of reducing their likelihood of appearing by choosing the technique best suited to your medical condition. Complications such as bleeding, wound or prosthetic infections and healing failure, although relatively rare, can occur with any type of surgery. This document was written as a supplement to the information you will receive during consultations. This text is not exhaustive, and cannot replace a consultation with a specialist, although it can answer some questions or give rise to others. Each patient will receive full and detailed information on her own medical status and the particular procedure chosen. For more information, please either consider a consultation or visit the website of the official gazette of the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery :

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