Lexique Didier Van Den Broeck

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent of the body, and especially of the skin. It contributes to skin's hydration by attracting water. It is a good alternative to collagen, as the risk of allergies is lower.

Breast augmentation

This aesthetic surgery procedure improves the volume and the shape of the breast. This is achieved by insertion of a breast implant, also called a breast prosthesis, of silicone gel, using a technique chosen depending on the desired result.

Breast asymmetry

Many women have a difference in shape and volume between their breasts. This asymmetry, often congenital, can sometimes be substantial enough that surgical correction may be considered. But this cannot be done until the end of breast development.

Platysmal bands

Platysmal bands can be compared to muscular cords that stretch on the neck and gave it an ageing look. They are due to a slackening of the platysma muscle of the neck and of the skin covering it.


Sometimes noted as an excess of skin on the lower part of the face, jowls are due to ptosis of the lower part of the jaw. They disrupt the facial contours.


This term designates aesthetic surgery procedures performed on the lower and/or upper eyelids.

Ambulatory surgery

Also called day surgery or one-day clinic, ambulatory surgery is a surgical treatment that allows the patient to leave on the day of his/her procedure. It takes place in an operating theatre, that is, with all the required technical safety conditions. Ambulatory surgery thus does not increase the health risks for the patient in any way.

Compression wrap

Compression wrap or support wrap, a compressive garment is always worn after a lipoaspiration (liposuction) to prevent formation of hematomas around the tunnels created by the aspiration cannula. Maintaining the compression for several weeks allows better healing of the fatty tissue.


It is possible for a man to have an overdeveloped mammary gland. A procedure (often a simple lipoaspiration) can be considered after a hormonal assessment, which only very rarely reveals an anomaly.


A haematoma is a discharge of blood into a tissue. Haematomas look like bluish, swollen injuries.


The hymen is a small membrane that partially closes the vaginal orifice and has no physiological purpose. It ruptures during the first sexual relations.


This involves abnormally abundant production of sweat by the hands and armpits.


Hypertrophy designates the excessive development of a body part, an organ or a tissue.


Labioplasty, or nymphoplasty, is an intimate aesthetic surgery procedure to reduce the labia minora.


Also called liposuction or liposculpture, lipoaspiration is an aesthetic surgery procedure aiming to remodel the figure by aspiration of the fatty deposits often located on the abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, arms, neck, etc. Once aspirated, the stored fat disappears permanently.


Lipofilling consists of using the patient's own fat to fill in deformities or loss of volume, for example in the face or in the body shape. The technique is performed with very fine cannulas not only to be the least traumatic but also to avoid irregularities and ensure the highest success rate. This technique is one of the bases of facial rejuvenation and allows not only to restore volumes but also the texture of the skin and scars by a regenerating effect. It is also the basis of the "nanofat" concept.


Also called breast remodeling, mastopexy lifts the breasts and improves their shape.


With this technique, the aesthetic surgeon infiltrates vitamin cocktails or products like hyaluronic acid into the skin.


The labia minora of the vulvae are also called the nymphae.


Nymphoplasty, also called labioplasty, is an aesthetic correction, often by reduction, of the labia minora.


An oedema is a swelling filled with water (serous liquid).

Crow's feet

The lines called crow's feet are located in the area of the face beside the eye. They very often lead to expression lines, especially when smiling.

Melomental lines

Also called marionette lines, melomental lines are located between the corner of the mouth and the side of the chin. They become pronounced with age.

Labiomental fold

Located just under the lower lip, the labiomental fold is often emphasised by a line. It forms an unsightly hollow, especially under the influence of ageing.


Located just under the eyes and to the side of them, the cheekbone area has a volume that decreases with age. Full cheekbones give a younger look.


This designates sagging of the features of an area of the body, eyebrows, eyelids, lower face, breasts, etc., due in particular to ageing.

Anatomic prosthesis

A breast prosthesis is called anatomic when it is not rounded but pear-shaped, closer to the natural shape of the breast.

Breast reduction

This plastic surgery procedure reduces the volume of the breast and improves its shape and contour.

Axillary region

The axillary region or pit is located in the hollow of the armpit.
It is in front of the scapula, between the thoracic wall and the arm.

Periareolar region

The areola is the circular pigmented area of skin on the breast. The periareolar region is thus the area around the perimeter of the areola.

Trochanteric region

This area near the outer and upper part of the femur is better known as the "saddlebags".

Expression lines

These lines are created by facial expressions. They are located especially on the upper face, and become pronounced with age.

Frown lines

These vertical lines located between the eyebrows are expression lines, and are undoubtedly among the first lines to appear.

Structural lines

Structural lines are due to ageing and are aggravated by factors such as repeated sun exposure, smoking, etc. These lines are also located on the eyelids, cheeks, lips, neck, décolleté and hands.

Peribuccal lines

These are the vertical expression lines around the mouth, often even more pronounced in smokers.

Abdominal girdle

Commonly called the "abdominals" or "abs", the abdominal girdle supports the entire weight of the upper body.

Infraorbital furrow

This is the line that starts from the nasal root and runs to the side of the lower eyelid. This infraorbital furrow gives a sunken and therefore ageing look to the face.

Nasolabial fold

This designates the line between the outer extremity of the nostril and the corner of the mouth. This nasolabial fold becomes pronounced with age.

Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin, commonly called Botox®, is a natural protein that induces weakness in the muscles injected without affecting their normal functioning. A small bruise, rapidly resorbed, may appear at the injection sites.


The vulvae are all the external female genital organs.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP abbreviation), or rich plasma growth factors (PRGF abbreviation) is enriched blood plasma platelets by centrifugation. The PRP is a concentrated source of autologous platelets. It contains and releases various growth factors and cytokines able of stimulating the regeneration of some tissues. It is thus used in many indications in aesthetic medicine and surgery.


Nanofats are the ultimate lipofilling treatment products. They are created by ultrafiltration of the patient's own fat to obtain an emulsion that can be used in skin rejuvenation. The technique can be performed under local anaesthesia and can be offered to improve texture, skin tone, fine lines, but also hyper-coloured dark circles and overly marked tear troughs.