Neck liposuction

The principle on which lipo-aspiration (or liposuction) of the neck works is to suck out excess fat from below the chin and from the sides of the neck. This makes it possible to erase a double chin, for example. This neck liposuction can be performed either alone or in conjunction with a cervico-facial lift, if there is associated excess skin.

Neck liposuction can be done under local anaesthesia as outpatient surgery. It is generally sufficient to perform three small incisions (one under the chin and the rest under the angle of each jaw), so that suction cannula can be introduced.

Oedema or haematomae may well persist for a week or so: hence the need to wear a compression bandage for several weeks after your neck liposuction procedure.



This same technique can also be used on the cheeks, the oval of the face and the naso-labial folds, although this is rare.

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