Dr Van Den Broeck, plastic surgeon, is recognized by the Belgian Ministry of Health since 1996. After have been provided his care in both academic and private hospitals, he was approached by The Apollo Bramwell Hospital in July 2013.

His first mission within the institution was to create, manage and develop the department of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. A few months after his arrival in November 2013, the "Center Of Excellence" (COE) of plastic surgery was created in collaboration with Apollo Bramwell Hospital. The management of the institution appointed Dr Van Den Broeck Head of Department (HOD) and clinical coordinator (as Senior Consultant).

The concept of the COE is to provide competent services, both in surgery and in aesthetic medicine, with US and European standards and is accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International).

Reconstruction surgery and anti-aging treatments are also available. These surgeries can be coupled to a resort stay in Mauritius, an Indian Ocean jewels. It is famous for its expertise in hospitality and tourism hotel network which is one of the best in the world.

Following the difficulties encountered by the hospital, « Aestheticare » was founded in February 2016. Aestheticare's main social objective is to develop medicine and cosmetic surgery in the Indian Ocean and will collaborate both with « The Center for Aesthetic Surgery of the Indian Ocean » than « Wellkin Hospital » in order to offer its services as a consultant.

The interventions proposed by the COE and performed by Dr Van Den Broeck are :

Breast augmentation is usually performed using anatomical breast implants. The facelift and mini facelift are natural with no visible scars, while liposuction (saddle bag deformity, inner thighs, knees and belly) is made using fine cannulas (liposculpture).

Treatments against wrinkles and anti-aging are achieved using the hyaluronic acid (fillers) for natural results. The latest techniques in anti-aging cosmetic medicine can be proposed in particular using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

Whether you decide to give you a slight rejuvenation treatment or cosmetic surgery, our experts will put at your service the best of their skills. Take benefit, few steps from your country (Reunion, Seychelles, Madagascar, Comoros) a service of hight quality.

The European patients will find treatments with an attractive price, subject to the same standards as in Europe, while benefiting from a glamorous stay. Our department reserved for international patients may benefit you to our hotel packages and offer you discounts on their stays.